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Sometimes I Wanna “Zack Morris Timeout” Downtown: Show Hoppin’ 10/22

It was another crazy night of so much happening that I couldn’t even pretend to cover half of it. You’re keeping me on my toes lately Eugene. Beautiful. 

I kick-started my evening as the feature at The Laughing Lounge Comedy Show with the very funny Max Brockman, Seth Milstein, and Marty Gee. It was a blast, as always, but as soon as I got my $$$ I had to jet because there were a million shows already happening without me. 

First stop was The Oakstreet Speakeasy for a little SoulExploder. These guys are pretty new and were a little wobbly on their feet, but they’ve got a pretty solid skate-punk/alt-rock, Ixnay-era Offspring thing going on. Fun stuff, and a perfect soundtrack to a Saturday night of shots and chatter. 

Eager to keep moving and see the sights, I mobbed down Broadway to John Henry’s to catch Bend’s Harley Bourbon. These guys do the barroom-bluegrass-rock shtick pretty well. They got me stomping my feet and dying for a whiskey (seven days sober… ugh). 

That was it. It was time to bounce before I broke and attacked the nearest bottle of Bulleit Rye. I made my way around the corner to see what was happening at Luckey’s. What I walked in on was a soulful, bombastic, explosive performance by Portland folk-rockers, Just People. Not to discount the recordings you’ll find online… but comparably, the live show is a kick in the fucking teeth. 

Next I made my way back to The Speakeasy to check out Security In Numbers (and you can too in the audio portion of our next issue). Hard, fast, throwin-elbows, mosh pit punk rock anthems custom made for shakin’ your seasonally depressed ass back to reality. I’m super stoked I finally got a chance to catch these guys. 

As the Security boys were wrapping up I decided to go out on a limb and journey with Jeremy-Tron of Explode-A-Tron over to The Maize Lounge, who apparently recently started throwing weekend shows. Glad I did too, cuz one of my faves, Black Delany was tearing the place apart, or rather the tiny, but rambunctious crowd was. In case you’ve never caught these guys live, expect some of the most over-caffeinated punk you’ve never wanted to call pop in your life. Fast, aggressive, all hooks mosh-pop. No fuckin’ joke. 

In attempts to not get wrapped up in what looked like it was gonna be a fight, I mobbed down the alley toward 11th and dipped in at Black Forest, but they were between acts, and if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m an impatient motherfucker when I’m looking to be entertained. So, I was off. Back toward barmuda, John Henry’s and Bend outlaw-country rockers, Boxcar String Band. These guys are polished as the day is long, and something about the delivery makes you think they might actually be the rough and tumble outlaws they appear to be. 

A friend tipped me off that another one of my new favorites, Rare Monk, was playing at Luckey’s, so I made my way back. If you haven’t caught RM live, you’re missing out. They’ve got a sound all of their own that’s largely indie/alternative but peppered with a bit of attitude (and saxaphone). 

Feeling my energy reserves threatening to give out, I decided it was time to catch one last band and then find food and a soft place to fall. A coin flip led me to Black Forest for the tail end of psych-rock act, Orion’s set. Though, obviously steeped in the acid psychedelia of 70’s hard rock, these cats are too heavy, too jammy, too funky to be written off as just a throwback act. 

In addition to these eight acts, you also could have seen A((wake)), Stein, Bad Luck Blackouts, We Have Guns, Audiophobia, Chimaira, Revocation, Barbara Dzuro, Upstate Trio, and Poor Miner’s Union downtown last night… and those are just the ones that I KNOW about. What a weekend.



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