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GUSHER: Show Hobblin’ With Fatty 11/19

So old age, being fat, and just questionable luck/genetics have gifted me with a royally fucked up, possibly arthritic right knee (if this gig ever pays shit, I’ll see a doctor and figure it out… not holding my breath). Said trick knee is acting up at the moment and walking much at all is proving less than fun lately, so the usual running-in-circles-all-night method of show hopping all over downtown just isn’t an option at the moment. 

That said, tonight, I decided to pick a show and stay put (with limited success). Based upon a friend’s suggestion, I hobbled my happy ass down to Black Forest for what he assured me would be an “Epic Fucking Metal Show, Man!!” and judging by the already bustling, bigger than usual crowd, I was left to assume he had his greasy head screwed on straight. 

Opening the night were hard rock chuggers, Digital Violence. Throwing down some meaty, moshy, fist-fightin’, beer spillin’ jams to get the crowd worked up into a frenzy.

[This is the part where somehow Fatty got roped into a misadventure that’s none of your fucking business and managed to miss The Entity entirely… well played Fatty.]

Next up was StillFear (Bend). These guys have an “everything but the kitchen-sink” sound that isn’t heavy enough to be metal, is too heavy to be classified as just plain rock, not my cup of tea, but tight and well executed just the same. 

Next, taking the stage like a tour-de-fucking-force (to be goddamn reckoned with) was Gusher. It became blaringly obvious this was the band the crowd had come to see, as everyone pushed toward the front. If this is the phoenix that has risen from the ashes of Northwest Royale, we’re all the better for it. Gusher manages to be undeniably metal while still bearing it’s 90’s alt-rock influences like a full sleeve tattooed road map of the band’s past leading to a bright, bloody knuckled future. These guys knocked me on my ass in the best way possible. 

I suddenly found myself restless, thirsty, and hungry. Realizing the hour and the likelihood of getting food amidst the clusterfuck of drunk, sweaty, increasingly stinky metalheads, I pimp-limped my way down Oak alley (or is it Willamette? Whatever, I’m posting this at 5am, like I fucking care anymore) to The Maize Lounge where I stumbled across an equally enthusiastic, equally stinky (goddammit!) crowd, swaying to the dub-pop-hop sounds of Alcyon Massive. 

Alcyon manages to do something that SERIOUSLY pisses me off. That is, taking a genre of music that I was pretty sure I fucking hate and doing it so well that I can’t help but respect and, dare I say, enjoy it. 

I managed to land myself the one open table and sat myself down for a ridiculous tray of Maize Lounge Nachos. These aren’t to be trifled with, folks. These are serious, epic-fat-kid nachos. Bring at least 2 friends with you. They don’t call me Fatty for nothing and I had a hard time making a dent. 

One Love. And by “love” I mean food coma. I’ll be sleeping this off until Monday night’s Indian show at the Speakeasy. See you there. 


Digital Violence:

Still Fear:


Alcyon Massive:

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