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Security In Numbers, Foal, Raw & Order, and Bad Luck Blackouts @ Black Forest 12/29

Photos and Words by “Big Mike” Lopez

Security in Numbers   (

Here is a band that has a musical idea and lives up to it. With strong guitars, numbing bass, thumping drums, and twisted vocals they are a must see if you like punk (along the lines of Rancid and Pennywise). They have an amazing sound that takes me back to house shows where everyone was drunk and bloody but happy and having a good time.

Foal (

Foal had a good show with pounding vocals, strong drums, and shredding guitar. They have a stage presence that makes their performance that much better. If you are a fan of loud music and an energetic involved performance they are worth checking out when they are in town and at your local bar.

Raw and Order (

This bad had a punk style with a metal attitude; in short the look would fool you on the sound. They have a swap of vocal/guitar and drums for a few songs, but both are well performed and executed. They have strong bass and nice stage presence; they are worth going to see, having a few beers, and partying.

Bad Luck Blackouts (

With strong female vocals/bass, fast and well executed guitar, and precision drums make them a great show. This punk band has a presence that feeds energy into the room, with their interactive style and blood pumping music. The drinking and attitude are just the icing on the cake with this band, an amazing show for any punk.

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