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Show Hoppin With Fatty 2/3/12

Words and Photos by Joshua “Fat as I wanna be” Finch

Last Friday was a great example of too much good stuff happening at once. I was invited to so many events I had to just opt to hit three that were close to each other and vow to clone myself as soon as possible for the sake of not missing out next time. 

The evening started at Luckey’s, where the djs of The UP Beat were spinning classic soul, motown, etc. Spirits were high and the dance floor was hoppin’. 

Meanwhile, over at Black Forest, Black Magdalene’s unique blend of middle eastern influenced rock and crunchy electronic beats had the crowd entranced. Definitely a spectacle that has to be experienced to really get a handle on. 


Moving on to the show that made me choose to stay downtown, I made my way to the Oakstreet Speakeasy to catch The Estranged, Security In Numbers, and The Lowmen. 

This was my first Estranged show. These guys have a kinda Brian Jonestown Massacre meets something a bit more indie-pop sorta garage rock thing going on, and they wear it pretty well. Though something of a strange fit for this particular show, I definitely didn’t mind. I’m stoked to see the addition to our local scene


Next up was Security In Numbers, and yeah, we cover these guys pretty often, because they manage to be everywhere. They’re becoming one of the hardest working new local acts. For fans of Descendants, Diesel Boy, and the like, SIN is quickly securing a place in the hearts of local rockers and punkers alike. 


The Lowmen have everything I look for in a live show: Witty banter, a “we don’t give a fuck we’re just here to party” attitude, and a ridiculous amount of energy. Oh, and they’re fucking talented, too. If members of Against Me and Iron Maiden for some reason started a side project… it’d sound awful, which is why it’s a great thing that The Lowmen are around to pull off riff-metal infused cow punk the way it ought to be. Don’t miss these guys, I still can’t find my socks. 


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