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Painted Plain/Poli High @ Sam Bonds Garage

Sam Bonds was the perfect way to wind down after a hectic celebration weekend (sorry for no coverage, I wound up working through the entirety of the Eugene Celebration, if anyone has pics, feel free to share.) The crowd was small but enthusiastic. 

Opening the night was Painted Plain, returning from an 8 month hiatus. Energetic indie/90’s emo (think Always The Runner and Braid mixed with some Modest Mouse.), these guys have a good thing going…

My friend, Brooke showed up with a shiny new art-zine for me. She’d just stitched and cut them herself. She’s SUPER talented. #coolestgiftEVER

You’ll probably see some of her stuff in the next issue, but in the meantime:

Then was headliner, Poli High. Part piano-rock, part carnival/circus music. All fun. These guys are always a good time. 

I left with a stomach full of delicious vegan pizza and a head full of tunes to hum myself to sleep to. Thanks for making my one night off a good one. 


Painted Plain:

Poli High: